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Six people were arrested at the Nebraska state capitol Friday after a bill was passed restricting abortion and gender transitioning.

People were protesting as lawmakers passed a bill that bans abortions after 12 weeks and restricts gender transition procedures for those under 19. The protest got a little out of hand as multiple people were arrested for disturbing the peace and trespassing after refusing to leave.

The biggest arrest was of a woman who punched a police officer after he refused to let her push past him.

These six arrests are not the biggest story to come out of the bill passing. Democratic State Senator Machaela Cavanaugh lost it while speaking.

If you did not watch the video, you only need to watch the first 30 seconds. She repeats what the protestors are saying for three minutes “Trans people belong here. We need trans people. We love trans people.” She does this in a slow crescendo until she is at a full throat yell. She finishes her repetitive speech by saying that she will fight for trans people.

This is what the left does. When they do not get what they want they grab headlines by screaming and yelling.

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