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Charging $50 to park at Geist Waterfront Park in Fishers is not discrimination. If you think that it is, then you’re ridiculous.

There are white people, black people, Hispanic people, Asian people, Jewish people, the list goes on of the types of people who either cannot afford to or do not want to pay the parking fee.

This is not a race thing. Is the $50 to park as a nonresident unreasonable? One could argue that, but the Fishers City Council has reasoning as to why it is so much.

“This is really for safety. We want to make sure there is a limited number of people on the beach, so our lifeguards have the appropriate numbers to keep track of. But it’s also to preserve that benefit for Fishers’ residents, who, as taxpayers, are really footing the bill for this park,” Ashley Elrod said.

The important part of Elrod’s statement is the ending. Who paid for it? Fishers did.

It is their park. They paid for it, and they reserve the right to charge however much they want for parking.

The idea of wanting to not charge the residents of Fishers parking since their tax dollars paid for it makes sense.

Ultimately, if you do not like the cost of parking, then do not go.

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