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Gov. Eric Holcomb

Source: (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

STATEWIDE — His time in the governor’s seat is almost up, but Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb still has work to do.

Expanding mental health, economic opportunities, and being competitive with other states – those are things Governor Holcomb feels Indiana does, and has done well, under his leadership. But he’s not ready to endorse anyone to take over his seat, and he also feels it’s not necessary.

“There’s something to be said for going out there and making sure folks understand you’re your own person,” Governor Holcomb told reporters Tuesday, “you speak for yourself on these issues, and folks need to feel liberated to do that.”

Holcomb says he’ll endorse someone when the time is right. As for when that time is right, he says that will be right around the time he feels his office has “stuck the landing” coming out of the 2023 General Assembly.

During this legislative session, Holcomb signed over 100 bills, with mental health funding being one of the top priorities.

We’re heading in the right direction, says Governor Holcomb “it’s kind of a powerful, one-two punch in the sense of making sure people have access. Not just access, but awareness first, then access to the resources they need to get their life back on track.”

He says you can’t be expected to put forth your best effort, unless you have the resources you need when days get tough.

Holcomb says he’s also trying to keep the state focused on expanding economic opportunities that he hopes will last long after he’s left office.

“Unemployment was high in the 2010s and inflation was very low, and now it’s just the opposite. And so, how are we as a state, trying to address that and control the things that we can.”

Dr. Jennifer McCormick, former Superintendent of Public Instruction, intends to run as a Democrat for Indiana’s governor seat.

The Republican ticket includes Senator Mike Braun, Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, and Eric Doden.

Donald Rainwater is also running again as a Libertarian.