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Miller Lite has angered people with a commercial, but it is different from what Bud Light did. Miller Lite can recover from this.

The commercial with Ilana Glazer, a comedian, saying “Women were among the very first to brew beer, ever. From Mesopotamia to the Middle Ages to colonial America, women were the ones doing the brewing. Centuries later, how did the industry pay homage to the founding mothers of beer? They put us in bikinis.”

Before we continue, I just want to point out that people drink beer to ignore people like this.

Historically speaking, Miller Lite is correct. Women were in charge of brewing beer. Men would be out working in the fields, while women did the housework. Among the housework was preparing meals, which included cooking and brewing beer.

When beer became a commodity however, men took over due to the physical labor required to make beer.

The heart of Miller Lite’s advertisement though, is not the history of making the beer. It is the history of the advertisements that beer companies, including Miller Lite have made. Do you remember Miller Lite’s “Catfight” commercial?

Yes, beer companies have put women in bikinis to sell their product because that is something that their target customer likes. They are not the only companies though that put attractive women in their commercials to sell their product.

Abercrombie & Finch, Carl’s Jr., and Nissan all have commercials with women in bikinis. The only difference is their target audiences all include women. Abercrombie & Finch sells clothes to women, Carl’s Jr. sells burgers to women, and Nissan sells cars to women.

At the end of the day though, it is just a bad advertisement. It is not even in the same category as the Bud Light hiring a transgender person to be a spokesperson for their brand.

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