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Iowa was supposed to be a battleground between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump jousting for position in the upcoming primaries.

Both Florida governor DeSantis and former President Trump, were scheduled to have speak in Iowa. Weather was an issue though. One of the candidates made a pivot to still have their event, while the other cancelled theirs all together.

DeSantis was the one who made the pivot. He spoke at fundraising event for Representative Randy Feenstra. It was originally scheduled to be outdoors, but they moved it indoors due to inclement weather.

In his speech he offered quite the tease saying he has delivered results for Florida. he then added, “We’re gonna have a chance pretty soon to make sure that’s done in every state in this country.”

While DeSantis continues to build momentum, Trump had to cancel his gathering.

The announcement that DeSantis is running for president could come any day now.

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