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At exactly midnight, May 12th, Title 42 is no longer in place. Over 10,000 migrants are lining up at the US southern border set to cross, according to Border Control officials.

Title 42 was issued three years ago by former President Trump as an emergency health authority during the pandemic. The authority allowed the US to turn away immigrants crossing the southern border to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Before Title 42 was in place, immigrants could seek asylum in the US after crossing illegally and wait in the country for their immigration cases.

Several border officials and political leaders are extremely concerned about the 1,000’s of people coming into the country from cartels, human trafficking, etc. Sen. Ted Cruz was at the border Friday calling out President Biden, VP Harris, and other Democratic leaders.

The Biden administration has attempted to implement a policy that allows migrants to be released into the country under a parole release when overcrowding becomes an issue. Migrants would not have to get an alien registration number or a court date for approval. A federal judge imposed a two-week restraining order on this policy.

Bob Price, Senior News Correspondent at Breitbart talked to Hammer and Nigel live from the border Friday.