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Capsized Boat IFD Photo

Source: Indianapolis Fire Department

UPDATE: Investigators say Martez Proctor, 32, was the man who was taken to a hospital after being pulled from the White River. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

INDIANAPOLIS–Two people had to be rescued from the White River on the northwest side of Indianapolis Thursday night.

A witness called 911 to say they saw a boat flipped over and two people in the water around 7 at a point near the intersection of White River Parkway East Drive and Burdsal Parkway. In that area, the river intersects Coffin Golf Course and Taggart Riverside Park.

The Indianapolis Fire Department says they spoke to the owner of the boat.

“This gentlemen has owned this boat for quite some time so he is comfortable with it. His friend that he had just picked up about 10 minutes earlier wasn’t familiar with the boat. He got a little bit spooked when he stood up and the boat kind of jostled. The man who owns the boat told us that his friend jumped out which is what capsized it,” said Rita Reith, Indianapolis Fire Department Battalion Chief.

She says the man was below the water for almost an hour before being rescued about 20 feet from the shore.

“Witnesses who stayed on scene were vitally helpful in directing IFD divers to the victims last seen location. Given that the body of water is so large, the importance of witness information cannot be understated,” said Reith.

The owner of the boat was medically checked at the scene and is okay. The other man is seriously injured. He’s recovering at a hospital.

Neither of them was wearing a life jacket.