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Cities around the country have to be on high alert as crime rates surge and violence increases. Well, in one town in Iowa they too are on high alert, but for a savage bunny rabbit.

An angry rabbit has been “terrorizing” a neighborhood in Perry, Iowa. Residents reported two people had been bitten by this irritated bunny last week.

Roman Rustan, who had been bitten, told KCCI local news that after the bunny bit her it hopped over the fence to claim its next victim. She said the not-so-friendly Peter Cottontail “came around to her car and wouldn’t let her out of her car.”

The bunny had also bitten a 13-year-old girl. The young girl did receive a rabies shot, while Rustan said she wasn’t too worried. “No, I’m not worried about rabies because, when it bit me, you know, I didn’t see it frothing at the mouth or anything like that.”

Local police said in a report that the rabbit had been terrorizing people for a while. They were able to catch the bunny and relocate it.