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Sha'lon Sharp

Source: Decatur County Sheriff’s Department / Decatur County Sheriff’s Department

DECATUR COUNTY, Ind. — The semi crashed, and her father was left badly hurt and unconscious. She kept her cool and dialed 911.

“We want to take the opportunity to publicly recognize Sha’lon Sharp as a 911 hero for life-saving actions that day.”

In a press conference Thursday, 8-year-old Sharp was recognized for her actions on the night of April 23rd, when her father, Travis Hampton, was driving his FedEx semi-truck on I-74 when he was hit in the head by a rock that was thrown from the outside.

Hampton was badly hurt and briefly knocked unconscious, calling him to drive off road and crash into highway safety cables, which fortunately kept the semi from crossing into oncoming traffic.

“We are able to eventually identify two minors who were involved, which led to the detention of a 16-year-old male,” says Sheriff William Meyerrose of Decatur County. The 16-year-old was detained, but any further information about either suspect was withheld due to both being underage.

Travis Hampton is on the road to recovery, but he’s still taking things slow and has not returned to driving, “I’m just thankful to be here, to talk about it. Thanks for my daughter being there with me, to save daddy. I’m just blessed to be here and glad to be able to talk to my family for another day.”

Sha’lon Sharp was given an award for her actions and recognized by county officials.