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Source: Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS — Short-term rental properties have become popular alternatives to hotels, but some homeowners are worried that mismanaged spaces are causing problems for local neighborhoods.

Concerned Hoosiers feel that irresponsible owners are allowing their properties to be used for events like wild parties.  In fact, Indy Metro Police recently asked for the public’s help in addressing these parties.

The Coalition to Address Short-Term Rentals says neighborhoods in Indy are noticing more noise, cars on the street, and other disturbances.  So, these community members are looking to establish some new rules.

Their proposals include requiring short-term rental property owners to register with the city, instituting age limits for renters, and prohibiting large parties from being held at the homes, among other changes.

It is not clear if – or when – these new rules could be implemented.

You can express your own concerns about a specific short-term rental property here.