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Title 42 is set to expire this evening and migrants are lined up at the border waiting to claim asylum and be let into the country.

President Joe Biden himself acknowledged the border, which he never does saying the border is “going to be chaotic for a while.” He should have seen this coming.

Former ICE Chief of Staff John Feere highlighted the lack of preparation saying, “This administration should have been building bed space for the last two years. Instead, they’ve chosen to reduce bed space and are now going to be releasing illegal aliens into the U.S. to temporarily accommodate new illegal aliens arriving into the U.S. But because of the sheer numbers, those individuals will undoubtedly be released soon as well.”

The number of migrants that are going to be allowed to enter the United States has already started impacting more than just the border states.

New York City is having somewhere between 800 and 1,000 migrants show up nightly. That number is only going to go up after Title 42 is lifted tonight.

Something needs to be done. The lack of preparation and the lack of urgency to fix the issue is ridiculous. The Biden Administration has failed America in multiple areas, but especially when it comes to controlling the border.

Tony Katz, who has spent time at the border, speaks more on the story. To hear his thoughts, click the link below.