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Bud Light is now upsetting the left. They have already upset their main customers, now the audience they were targeting are upset with them too.

A few gay bars in Chicago have decided to stop selling Anheuser-Busch products.

Let us go back to the start of the Bud Light drama.

It all started when they hired Dylan Mulvaney, a man pretending to be a woman, to be a spokesman for them. They wanted to diversify their consumers and bringing Mulvaney into the fold upset Bud Light’s original consumers.

The marketing move led to Anheuser-Busch losing roughly $5 billion in market value and significant boycotts from conservative drinkers.

The uproar has led to Bud Light separating itself from Mulvaney. This move has upset the gay bars in Chicago.

They have managed to upset both their original customers and their newly targeted customers. They now have a Grand Canyon sized hole to dig themselves out of.

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