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We know the violence in Indy is a continual problem. This past weekend at least 11 people were shot and 5 stabbed, with 5 of those victims being killed in the Circle City. That’s a Hoosier killed every 14 hours on average. One area of Indianapolis in particular is becoming increasingly concerning.

Broad Ripple is known for its lively bar and nightlife scene. However, residents and businesses alike are becoming more concerned over safety during the weekends. Several residents heard up to 40 gunshots being fired outside of an apartment complex around 1am Sunday. According to IMPD, officers found at least 90 shell casings in the Broad Ripple area this past weekend.

Local bar owner, Rob Sabatini of Rock Lobster, told Hammer and Nigel the chaos within the area starts to ramp up as the weather becomes nicer. This past weekend has been one of the first nice weekends in Indy this season which is reflected in the weekend’s police reports.

Sabatini says one of the biggest issues Broad Ripple faces is the loitering.

“One of the problems is they (police) don’t do anything about loitering up here. They don’t tell people they got to get out of the street or whatever- and the streets that are vital for people to get around on main street are basically impassable because crowds just gather in the intersections. It gets to be total chaos up here.”

The bar owner says the night of Cinco de Mayo crowds were running through the streets drinking and carrying on with no real enforcements until 3:40am.

Sabatini says a good start to fixing the intense nightlife is to enforce parking, noise ordinances, and not letting people hang around busy street areas or even construction zones.

Several business owners, including Sabatini, have reached out to leadership with little to no responses.