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Jordan Neely was a homeless man that was choked to death by a passenger on one of New York City’s subway cars.

His death has led to people protesting in the New York subway system. Protestors have flooded the tracks to stop trains as they chant “No justice no peace.”

Neely was choked to death by a former marine after yelling and threatening people. He was reportedly yelling about how he was tired of being hungry and thirsty all the time. The yelling increased to a point where people felt threatened. So, feeling threatened the former marine took action.

Should he have killed him? That is not the debate.

The debate is should these people be protesting when they could have easily stepped in and given him money?

Why is Representative Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez pushing people to protest? She is a representative who possesses the power to invoke change and fix homelessness issues. She has the ability to put plans in place to get people with mental health issues, which Jordan Neely had, off the streets.

That is too difficult though. Why do that when she can call people to protest? It gets the eyes off of Neely and all of the issues of his death. When people are protesting, they are looking at the surface of the story.

Neely was a homeless man who was choked out on the subway.

They are not paying attention to the numerous arrests on his record, including for drugs, disorderly conduct, and fare beating. They are not paying attention to the fact that there was a warrant out for his arrest. He had been accused of assaulting a 67-year-old woman.

They are not paying attention to the system that despite being a member of Congress for five years she has failed to make any changes to.

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