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JMV joins Tony Katz to discuss what the Colts did in the 2023 NFL Draft

You wouldn’t take Tony Katz as being a “Sports Guru” would you? Of Course not!

So, Tony called on a friend who is a “Sport Guru” who is JMV to join him on helping give his audience a better explanation on how the Colts ended up in the 2023 NFL Draft!

Tony Katz did bring up a good point to JMV to start by saying, “Just because what the Colts did looks good on paper doesn’t mean that it all transfers onto the field right?”

JMV mentioned, “You know Tony, around round 3 instead of trading back and trading back I might have approached things a little differently than Colts GM Chris Ballard.”

That opened the can for much more discussion!

Tony Katz and JMV also break down each individual player throughout the video below!

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