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Guy begins the show talking about the IMPD’s long standing policy of sending every firearm confiscated for whatever reason or circumstance to the crime lab. IMPD policy was to collect data from all firearms and send that data to ATF as part of a federal database called the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network. Only data from firearms suspected of being involved in a crime was supposed to be sent to the ATF, and IMPD was sending data from every firearm, a possible violation of ATF policy. Only after WISH-TV’s Richard Essex report in February exposing this possibly unconstitutional data collection from lawful gun owners did IMPD reverse its policy. Reporter Richard Essex calls in to talk about his report. Shockingly, this policy goes back decades, and only after its exposure in February did the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police change a policy that confiscated law abiding citizens’ firearms that weren’t involved in a crime. 

Guy lauded Richard’s investigation journalism.

This is what investigative journalism ought to be all about

Great reporters recognize issues that need exposure. “When you force change, that’s as good as it gets when it comes to investigative journalism,” in parting words to Essex.

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