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There are just certain things no one wants to hear when they are flying. We don’t want to hear our pilot announce we’ll be stuck on the runway for hours or the flight attendant tell us to “brace for impact;” now adding to that list “folks, who clogged the can?” 

It has been confirmed by Delta Air Lines that a flight in 2022 was declared in emergency after the plane bathrooms flooded. (And it wasn’t due to the smell!)

In the report published last week, investigators said that due to workers forgetting to close the drain mast heater circuit breakers, the toilets began to leak during flight – eventually flooding the plane. The crew say the major leak caused the autopilot system to disconnect leaving the actual pilots with limited control. The National Transportation Safety Board reports the wastewater had froze causing the computer shutdown.

The pilots did descend to a lower altitude to allow the stank ice water to melt. They were eventually able to get full-control again and landed safely at JFK.

233 passengers were onboard, possibly blaming the person next to them.