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Abby Grossberg was a producer on Tucker Carlson’s show before he was fired on Monday. She sued Fox and has been linked to Carlson’s firing.

She went on television to discuss her role with Carlson’s show and the workplace environment. She described the power that the show had. In short, she describes how the show had the power to pick the Republican presidential candidate. The show had the power to ruin campaigns.

She went on to say that she did not like having that much power.

In other interviews, she explains why she is suing Fox. Grossberg claims she was subjected to a hostile and discriminatory work environment. She mentions that other producers made jokes that offended her.

In addition to the sexist work environment, she claims that she was coerced by Fox’s lawyers into providing a misleading deposition for the Dominion Voting Machine’s defamation suit.

This is a loaded story with a lot to unpack. Tony Katz was out today. He is at the border gathering information on everything going on down there. Craig Collins filled in. To hear his thoughts on the subject, click the link below.