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The 2024 Presidential race hasn’t even officially begun, yet things are already getting dirty (or should we say sticky.) The latest campaign ad from the MAGA PAC is going viral after centering around DeSantis…and pudding.

Last Friday the MAGA PAC group posted their newest campaign ad targeting potential GOP Presidential candidate Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. The ad, titled ‘Pudding Fingers,’ is focusing on a rumor about how the governor was seen eating a pudding cup using his fingers as utensils.

The ad starts off with the quote “Ron DeSantis loves to put his fingers where they don’t belong.” The 30 second video continues to put down DeSantis as a poor actor impersonates the Florida governor eating a pudding cup with three of his fingers. It’s gross, it’s weird, but people can’t stop talking about it.

Ron DeSantis’ super PAC group is now retaliating with a commercial of their own ripping Trump. The group, “Never Back Down,” released a 30 second spot that is titled “Fight Democrats, Not Republicans.” This notes a similar comment DeSantis made earlier this year regarding how the GOP party should fight together against the left rather than with each other.

What do you think about the pudding ad? Is it affective, silly, both? Or do you agree with DeSantis’ PAC? Either way, we know you’ll never be able to look at pudding the same.