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To close out Ivy Tech week Tony Katz released the final clip of his interview with the college’s president Sue Ellspermann.

What good is a college degree if you cannot get a job with it? This was the question tackled this morning. Who is getting hired after finishing a degree at Ivy Tech, and who is hiring them?

Ellspermann said this in response, “We work with virtually every employer in the state of Indiana. So, we are a place where you can launch and move in to work at that company. We are also a place where that company comes alongside us and asks us to help scale up their work force.”

Some of the more popular degrees that Ivy Tech’s students graduate with include nursing, software development, business administration, cyber security, welding, and more.

They are an affordable college that has multiple degree opportunities for an affordable price. It is only $4,500 a year for a full-time student. They also have connections to many different companies across the state of Indiana.

Ivy Tech is an excellent option for anyone who wants to pursue a higher level of education. For the full interview clip click the link below and click here to watch all of the interview clips.