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Ivy Tech Week continued today on “Tony Katz and the Morning News,” with further discussion with Sue Ellspermann.

The conversation starts with the financial question of who is paying for all of the campuses that Ivy Tech has. They have 19 campuses across the state of Indiana. In Ellspermann’s response, she mentions that they have gotten smaller and eliminated a million square feet across their campuses. This is because classrooms are not as important as they used to be.

A third of Ivy Tech’s students take their classes all online. Outside of building labs for various classes, they do not have a need for brilliant facilities. Ellspermann went on to say, “We want our money to go towards our students, our programs, quality faculty, etc.”

With online education becoming more prominent part of higher education Tony Katz had questions on how that works for rural communities that do not have great internet access.

An Ivy Tech campus is within 30 minutes of 90% of Hoosiers. Going to school in person at one of their locations is an option for Hoosiers, no matter where you live. They have plenty of options for people across the state to access them.

From this part of the interview, it is clear that Ivy Tech cares about Hoosiers. They want to spend money on the people involved in their school and they want to be available to Hoosiers in every part of the state in any way they can.

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