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Guy talks about the case of Daniel Perry, an army sergeant convicted of murder in Austin Texas. Perry shot and killed Garrett Foster who approached his car with an AK-47 rifle during the George Floyd riots in 2020. While it may be an obvious case of self-defense on Perry’s part, Guy discusses the mistakes Perry made prior to the fatal shooting that led to his conviction. Guy talks about the rules that preclude a defendant the argument of self-defense. The prosecution was able to submit into evidence social media posts that Perry made that worked against him in his trial. The prosecution pointed out that Perry chose to drive towards a protest, when he could have avoided it. Guy points out that while one has the right to be in a dangerous situation, it’s not necessarily smart to do so.

There’s legal and then there’s smart

“You don’t ever go to jail for a conflict that never happened”, Guy argues. Perry’s posts helped the prosecution make the case that he was looking for a conflict, which led to his conviction.

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