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Participation trophies have become a routine part of young people’s lives. Youth sports leagues have become like Oprah. You get a trophy, you get a trophy, everyone gets a trophy!

North Carolina is looking to put an end to it. The “Eliminate Participation Trophies” bill would require awards in youth sports leagues to be “based on identified performance achievements” instead of just your ability to show up to practices and games.

This is a good thing. It is important for kids, and people in general, to learn that showing up is not always enough. Showing up is the bare minimum in most circumstances.

In the real world, the only people who get rewarded are the ones who do a good job. A lot of times, only the best person gets rewarded, especially in sports.

Only one player can win the MVP and only one team can win the league.

Outside of sports, when you apply for a job, you are not going to get it just because you applied. The best candidate should get the job.

Click the link below to hear Tony Katz’s fill in Craig Collins, Jonathan Smith, and Matt Bair discuss the bill.