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Richard Allen in Cuffs


DELPHI, Ind. — Richard Allen and his attorneys have filed an emergency request to move him to a new prison due to his deteriorating physical condition.

Richard Allen is charged with the Delphi Murders. His lawyers Wednesday filed the request to move him out of the Westville Correctional Facility to the Cass County Jail.

The reason for the emergency request is because there was a “dramatic change in Mr. Allen’s condition, including his change in demeanor, change in appearance and change in his overall mental status.”

An image was provided with the emergency request to show that Allen’s physical condition rapidly deteriorating.

The attorneys say that Allen has been forced into “prisoner of war” conditions. He can sleep only a pad on the concrete floor, can’t have visits from his family, and isn’t provided a change of clothes.

Allen was taken to the Westville Correctional Facility to keep him safe.

A special hearing is set June 15th to see if Allen would be allowed on bail. Until then, the special judge has issued a gag order on the case.