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Court of Law and Justice Trial Session: Imparcial Honorable Judge Pronouncing Sentence, striking Gavel. Focus on Mallet, Hammer.

Source: Photo: (gorodenkoff/getty images)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Cameron and Desmond Banks were sentenced to a total of 220 years in prison for murder, felony murder, and robbery with serious bodily injury. They were involved in a shooting that resulted in the deaths of four people in February 2020.

The victims were Braxton Ford, Kimari Hunt, Jalen Roberts, and Marcel Wills. The incident took place in an apartment on Shady Oak Drive. The suspects broke in, shot the victims multiple times, and stole from a safe.

Prosecutor Ryan Mears said the case was a sad example of the harm caused by gun violence. He urged people to support the families of the victims and keep their memories alive.

Rodriece Anderson also took part in the crime. He admitted to driving the other suspects to the scene and pleaded guilty to four counts of robbery with serious bodily injury in October 2022. Anderson agreed to help the prosecution and will be sentenced on Monday, April 3, 2023, at 1:00 p.m.

Lasean Watkins was also involved in the crime and is facing multiple murder charges. His hearing has been rescheduled for April 28, 2023, and he now has new lawyers.

Cameron and Desmond Banks were teenagers when they committed the crime. Cameron was 19 years old and Desmond was 17. They were sentenced to life in prison. The prosecutor’s office says they will continue to seek justice for families affected by violence like this.