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The conversation on gun control is important to both republicans and democrats. Both want less violence, but their resolutions are different.

The school shooting in Nashville has revived the urgency of the gun control issues in the United States.

Joe Biden is trying to make his message clear that guns are dangerous. It is to a point though where he tells on himself. The President has an extreme lack of knowledge on guns.

Just so you know, AR-15 bullets do not explode while they are inside of you.

While Biden is talking about guns, other democrats are yelling about them.

While Representative Jamaal Bowman was yelling at the media about gun violence in school Representative Thomas Massie approached him to have a conversation about it.

Representative Bowman did not like it to say the least.

There was a lot of yelling from Representative Bowman. This is an important topic in the United States currently. Click the link below to hear Tony Katz’s thoughts on the subject.