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crime scene with police tape

Source: (Photo: aijohn784/Thinkstock)

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Police are investigating after a toddler was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon.

Lafayette Police officers were called to Westchester Lane in Romney Meadows Apartments around 3 p.m.  Police now believe 1-year-old Isiah Johnson was shot and killed by his 5-year-old sibling.

While officers did not explain how the 5-year-old got the gun, they did say the gun came from the apartment.  When they got to the apartment, they found and spoke to one adult and two kids.

No one has been arrested as of yet.  Officers are still investigating.

State Representative Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette) released a statement Wednesday.  It said:

I’m heartbroken to hear about the tragic loss of life of a precious 16-month-old boy in our district.  I’m praying for his family as they grapple with this unthinkable loss.  However, I know that prayers are simply not enough to combat the epidemic of gun violence in our communities.  I have long been an advocate for responsible gun ownership and safe storage, which includes making sure that children cannot access firearms in their homes.  As we hold this family up in our thoughts and prayers, we must continue to advocate for common-sense gun safety to prevent these horrific tragedies in the future.