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A view of the approach to the green on the par on a golf course

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — According to a recent study by the National Golf Foundation, golf is a significant economic driver in Indiana. The sport generates over $2 billion and supports more than 23,000 jobs, providing over $1 billion in direct expenditures to Indiana’s economy each year.

The report found that golf contributes over $600 million in wage income and generates about $147 million in state and local taxes. Indiana has more than 400 golf courses, with 82% of them being publicly accessible. Indiana Golf, which governs the sport in the state, reports that 554,000 people aged six and above participate in golf.

The study also suggests that golf enhances Indiana’s tourism industry, generating $152.9 million in spending across more than 1 million day and overnight trips from drive-in markets such as Chicago, Dayton, Cincinnati, and towns throughout southern Michigan.

Indiana Golf reports that more than 3,700 charity events were held in the state, resulting in over $50 million in contributions to charities and foundations.