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President Joseph "Joe" Biden addresses the delegates from the podium during the 3rd day of the Democratic National Nominating Convention in the Wells Fargo arena (Photo by Mark Reinstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

The Kendall & Casey audience has really outdone themselves this time.

Biden Madness, a voter-based tournament on the Hammer & Nigel Show in which various Biden gaffes go head-to-head to compete for the title, took a drastic turn when Rob Kendall and Casey Daniels called for listeners to support “Happy birthday, Valvet”.

For those who may not be familiar with “Happy birthday, Valvet”, it was from when Biden enthusiastically lead a ‘happy birthday’ song dedicated to the wife of MLK III, Arndrea King, and forgot her name mid song:


The competition was strong for “Happy birthday, Valvet”, going up against classic Biden gaffes such as “You ain’t black” and “You know the thing”. But with the votes reeling in from the Kendall & Casey audience, “Happy birthday, Valvet” came out on top as the 2023 Biden Madness champion.

It is obvious that the Kendall & Casey Show moves the needle. If we can use the power of these airwaves to completely dominate the Biden Madness tournament, we might as well take it a step further and use our influence to change the way our state is run…

Without further adieu, here is a list of mandates that Rob put together for the Indiana General Assembly and Governor Holcomb:

1 – Dr. Box, Gynecologist and Health Commissioner, must wear a t-shirt 24-7 that says “I am not a biologist”.

2- Eric Holcomb must permanently post a 16×20 photo of himself and Malik Muhammad outside the Governor’s Office. With the Caption: “I let this attempted cop killer write part of the police reform bill because I’m weak and woke”.

3- We demand an end to all property taxes for people over the age of 65, and a permanent capping of property taxes on the price someone says for their home, unless their assessment goes down, until they sell the home.

4- The gas tax shall be permanently reduced back to where it was January of 2017, along with a letter from the Indiana General Assembly, sent to every Hoosier home, entitled “Sorry for stealing your money because we are lazy”.

5 – State Representative Jim Lucas shall have his pay reduced by 90 percent, since he spends 90 percent of his day screwing around on Facebook rather than working for Hoosiers.

6 – Any politician who has been a member of the General Assembly for 20 years or more shall be forced to immediately resign, along with an apology letter posted on the IGA website, for all the money they’ve grifted from the taxpayers and all the damage they’ve done to the taxpayers. We will call this “The Jim Buck Act.”

7 – The State of Indiana will present two Sagamore of the Wabash Awards to Rob Kendall and Casey Daniels, along with a Sagamore to the “Kendall and Casey Audience” along with a note which says, “For all the times we’ve screwed each of you over, we feel this is the least we can do. Thank you for all the taxes you’ve paid for our wasteful government.” 

8 – State of Indiana must declare a “Curtis Hill, John Jacob, and Curtis Nisly Day” where we honor the three brave people who have had the courage to stand up for Hoosiers and to Eric Holcomb the past 5 years.

That is all. Time for the jokers down the street to get to work.