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Todd Young

Source: (Photo by Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — China is engaging in economic coercion to get its way. That’s the assertion from Sen. Todd Young of Indiana.

Young spoke to an economic think tank known as CSIS. He said a bill that he has authored would give the president additional powers to help American allies who may be feeling the economic pressure being applied by the Chinese Communist Party.

“The Countering Economic Coercion Act would give the president to help our foreign partners on an expedited basis,” Young said. “I think we would all agree that the most taxing geopolitical challenge that we are faced with … is how to stop the CCP’s ambitions.”

Young said that “economic coercion” results in certain countries having to give in to Chinese propaganda and policies such as the sovereignty of Taiwan and the origins of COVID.

“The CCP thinks it can drive a wedge between us and our allies and partners by using economic intimidation or harming economies through informal and opaque actions,” Young said.

He believes the US president needs the powers to quickly respond to those actions. He is asking lawmakers to quickly consider his bill.