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Don’t cry because it’s over, cry because it happened…

It’s been a long, at some points painful, road as you have endured Biden-ism after Biden-ism. We’ve heard from the most cringey, embarrassing, and downright confusing comments our sitting president has made to date.

Today we have an official winner of this year’s Hammer and Nigel’s Biden Madness. 

Ladies and gentleman, a round of applause for your new reigning champ: HAPPY BIRTHDAY VALVET! 

Biden enthusiastically leading a ‘happy birthday’ song dedicated to MLK’s III wife, on MLK day…but forgets her name mid-song.

Thank you to all who voted and participated in another year of Biden Madness! We wouldn’t want to suffer with anyone else.

Be sure to catch our highlights ‘One Biden Moment’ & the crowning of our winner!