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It was another close call for Biden Madness 2.0!

It was a tight game between two Biden-isms, but the unfortunate comment of Seed #3 “Where’s Jackie’ moves onto the final four.

Thursday’s line-up will certainly divide a nation (kind of fitting for a Biden-themed game.)

SEED #8. Happy Birthday 

Reminder: Biden leading a ‘happy birthday’ song dedicated to MLK’s III wife, on MLK day…but forgetting her name mid-song.


SEED #1. You Know The Thing. 

Reminder: This Biden-ism swept the floor a few years ago with the first Biden Madness. A classic moment when the president attempted an inspiring speech, reflecting on the words that helped shape this country, the Declaration of Independence. However, just a few words in Biden gives up because…well, you know the thing!

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