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WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is addressing Russia’s interception of a U.S. drone over international waters on Tuesday. Press Secretary General Patrick Ryder describes the Russian actions as “reckless.”

The Pentagon says Russian jets dumped fuel in front of an American drone and damaged one of the propellers, forcing it to land in the Black Sea.

The Russians disagreed, insisting the U.S. drone was in their established airspace near Crimea. Russia Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said the country doesn’t want “confrontation” with the U.S., but according to him, “American aircraft have no business being near the Russian border.”

After being summoned to the State Department following the incident, Antonov spoke to reporters and said the Russian pilots were “professional” in their actions.

A top Senate Republican says Russia’s interception of a U.S. drone over the Black Sea should “serve as a wake-up call to isolationists in the United States.” Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi added the U.S. should “treat [ Russian President Vladimir ] Putin as the threat he truly is.”

Wicker insisted Putin wants things like this to force America to stop supporting Ukraine as it fights back against Russia’s invasion.