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Indianapolis Spinning Event Drone Photo ISP

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Street racing, street takeovers, and spinning have become dangerous trends in Indianapolis. However, the Indiana State Police and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are working together to combat them. Their efforts have resulted in over 40 arrests and the recovery of more than 80 stolen vehicles in the past year alone.

On March 4th, investigators received information about a potential spinning event involving over 100 cars and immediately took action. Three locations in the Indianapolis area were targeted, resulting in nine arrests. The police are pursuing leads on others who were involved in the illegal activity.

Spinning is a dangerous maneuver where drivers perform doughnut-like spins in public areas, often involving multiple vehicles to block roads or parking lots. Bystanders put themselves in harm’s way to record or touch the spinning cars, and the events are frequently held without proper permits or permission from property owners. The cars involved often engage in illegal racing on the streets after the event.

The Indiana State Police recognizes the existence of legal and permitted spinning events in Indianapolis, but the events targeted in their operations are not among them. During the March 4th operation, one private parking lot near 34th and Lafayette Road was heavily damaged despite the owner not granting permission for the event. The owner had recently spent over $60,000 to resurface and paint the parking lot.

Lieutenant Jeff Hearon, the Indiana State Police Area Five Investigations Commander, stated that the Indiana State Police will continue to commit necessary resources to target these illegal and dangerous events. Legitimate car clubs, concerned citizens, and community members have played a vital role in assisting detectives with these investigations. The police are committed to holding those who engage in reckless behavior accountable for their actions.