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Photograph of downtown Indianapolis.

INDIANAPOLIS — It’s not hard to miss construction zones, yellow cones, and detours throughout the city of Indianapolis. Now, you can add another project to a seemingly endless list.

Monday, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced a reconstruction project on the north-side of the Circle City. The target: the Meridian Street corridor.

“The city will continue to do everything it possibly can to bring our residents a better, smoother experience of our roads, trails, bridges and sidewalks,” said Mayor Hogsett in a Monday press conference.

Keith Potts, District 2 City County Counselor, says the project is necessary for the health of downtown Indianapolis, but another priority that elected representatives need to address is the road funding formula for Indianapolis. Potts calls the formula outdated, “and that needs to be a priority in fixing that formula, so Indianapolis gets its fair share of road funding.”

Keeping on that economic train of thought, Chris Waters of Luna Language Services, one of many businesses on Meridian Street, says this project could increase property value for homes and businesses in the area. He says Meridian Street is not just a reliable path to a Pacers game or Monument Circle, but a vital economic artery to the city.

“Meridian Street is not just a thoroughfare for residents of Indianapolis,” said Waters, “we see folks coming in from Hamilton County, from north of the city, and folks using Meridian south coming into Indianapolis every single day.”

The multi-million-dollar project is set to begin sometime this spring and wrap up by the end of this year, so says the Indianapolis Department of Public Works.