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CPAC was last week, and Lindy Li, senior member of the DNC, called the conference a, “gathering of sexual predators.”

She then proceeded to list multiple accusations against various members of the conservative party. These statements were followed by the host of the show, Yasmin Vossoughian, walking back the statement saying,

“I, I just — I just want to be clear here, though, you know, that – it’s important to put out there, we, we understand the accusations that have been made against, of course, the former president, Lindy. And of course, I understand your passion in this topic as well. But I want to be clear, of course, that that — none of that has actually rung true as of yet. Just, they’ve all been accusations so far.”

Lindy Li’s words can be described as nothing but an all-out attack on the conservative party as a whole. She went on to call President Trump a, “serial rapist,” Nikki Haley is “cringeworthy” and a “total sellout,” and to top it off Li called the entire party racist when she said, “Let’s be clear what anti-woke means. It’s anti-Black.”

This was quite the interview. Tony Katz’s thoughts on the matter only makes it better.

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