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There are two big stories today. Our first one takes place in Washington D.C and it does not make any sense.

Anyone can vote in Washington D.C. now. All they have to do to be allowed to vote is reside in Washington D.C. for 30 days.

Illegal immigrants can now vote and whoever else wants to take a month-long vacation in Washington D.C. can vote in their local elections. This bill violates one of the most basic fundamentals of our voting rights. You have to be a citizen.

If you are not a citizen and you want to vote, then go apply for citizenship. People who are not citizens of the United States of America should not be allowed to vote.

Our second big story of the day comes out of North Dakota where multiple high ranking military officers were relieved of duty.

Their units failed a nuclear weapons safety inspection. that is kind of a big deal.

After the inspection the Air Force learned that the base was not prepared to protect its ballistic missile silos and strategic bombers.