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It’s that time of year again! The sun is back out, warmer temperatures are creeping in, and the brackets have been filled. You’ve heard of March Madness, but have you ever played BIDEN MADNESS?

That’s right, we are bringing you a brand-new batch of Biden-isms to compete in another round of Biden Madness.

Alright corn pops! Here’s how it works:

Starting this week, Hammer and Nigel will play two clips of Biden’s most iconic lines. The clips could range from random stories of his past to incoherent thoughts, to lots and lots of whispering.

Once we’ve played the two chosen clips of the day, you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite on Twitter. Just follow @hammerandnigel and help us decide what Biden’ moment deserves the crown of BIDEN MADNESS 2.0.

Tune in every weekday to WIBC around 4:48pm to listen! Voting for each day is open for 24 hours.

Today’s two contenders are what we like to call ‘classics.’ Check them out: