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Tomi Lahren joined the Hammer and Nigel Show to talk about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visiting E. Palestine. It has been over three weeks since the train derailment in Ohio caused more than 100,000 gallons of hazardous chemicals to spill.

The Biden administration has been heavily criticized for the slow response in aid to the town. Former President Trump made an appearance to E. Palestine days prior to anyone from DC.

Lahren says if it wasn’t for Trump showing up, Buttigieg may not have visited at all. She argues the left has a track record of not caring for red states because at the end of the day it’s all about getting votes.

“They know this is a small town in Ohio, they know it’s a Trump town, and they will never be a Democrat town- so they ignore it.”

Lahren goes on to say that ignoring American problems have been the Biden team’s tactic since day one. The late response to the derailment should be no surprise.

“If you look at the track record of the this administration, when they ignore things they get away with it and it largely works. There’s a little bit of outcry for a couple of days, maybe even a couple of weeks; but if you look at everything from the border crisis to the unclassified documents and the Hunter Biden laptop- this administration has a strategy ignore it long enough and it will go away. And unfortunately, in every instance they’ve been proven correct.”

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