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Richard Allen mugshot

DELPHI, Ind. — The Carroll County prosecutor’s original October motion in the Delphi murders case has been unsealed.

The document, originally filed on October 28th, 2022, by Prosecutor Nick McLeland, explained reasons why that original probable cause affidavit detailing why murder suspect Richard Allen was arrested should remain sealed. Special Judge Fran Gull later approved a redacted version of that affidavit’s public release.

In the original October motion, Prosecutor McLeland argued releasing the charging documents would risk damaging the public interest and the murder investigation into Allen.

McLeland also argued keeping the documents sealed would secure public interest, protect people involved in the case and prevent any biased feelings before a proper jury trial can take place.

Special Judge Gull also this week approved McLeland’s motion to keep all discovery evidence sealed from the public, which means you don’t get to see or know anything viewed by attorneys.

Despite his arguments to Judge Gull, the redacted version of the affidavit was released. In that document, the prosecution argued Richard Allen is the man in the “down the hill” video taken on Liberty German’s phone just before she and Abigail Williams were murdered in 2017. A .40 caliber bullet, unspent, was found between their bodies. Ballistics traced that bullet back to a pistol that Allen had owned since 2001.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter told WIBC in late 2022 that he believed releasing the documents would not damage the investigation.

Richard Allen’s legal team said last Friday that they would be shocked if the trial actually begins this year. It will most likely be pushed back from its original March 2023 start date. Allen’s bail hearing was pushed back to June 15th.

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