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Vladimir Putin has suspended the START Treaty, which is an agreement between Russia and the United States to limit the use of nuclear weapons.

Putin is suspending the treaty because he believes that the Western world was directly involved in attacking Russia’s air bases.

It has been stressed that Russia only wants to suspend the treaty and not eliminate it all together. The foreign ministries were quoted saying, “The decision to suspend participation in New START can be reversed.”

Russia wants to see the United States to show, “Good faith efforts for general de-escalation.”

Putin has said that Russia would not be the first country to launch nuclear weapons, but even with that being said the world is much less safe with the START Treaty being suspended.

The United States are ready to discuss the treaty with Russia at anytime. United States Secretary of State said on Tuesday, “We remain ready to talk about strategic weapons limitations at any time with Russia, irrespective of anything else going on in the world or in our relationship.”