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Meridian St intersection with potholes and strip patches

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Construction is set to start on North Meridian Street this spring to fix potholes and make other improvements.

The project is estimated to end this fall.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works provided this statement to News 8 about the project:

The $8 million 2022 Thoroughfare Drainage Improvements Project (SD-22-100) is a 3.8 mile-long improvement, from the White River Bridge to just south of 96th Street. This extensive rehabilitation is set to begin construction in this spring of 2023. Along with 9 new and repaired drainage pipes along Meridian Street, this project will include 19 ADA compliant curb ramps, new and upgraded traffic signals, and rehabilitated pavement. When construction begins, Indy DPW will have at least one lane of traffic maintained in each direction of the area. Residents can find more information on SD-22-100 and all other transportation projects at

Indianapolis Department of Public Works

When describing the roads, Caitlyn Montgomery, an Indianapolis Resident, says, “It’s absolutely abhorrent.”

Montgomery lives on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Still, she is very familiar with driving on North Meridian Street. She recently hit a big pothole that damaged her car to the point that she can no longer drive it until it’s fixed.

“I actually have a bent rim right now, so I’ve been dealing with that, and I need to get it replaced and get my tired fixed because I’ve hit these potholes so hard it will knock me into a curb,” Montgomery said.

Those that drive on this road frequently are hopeful it will actually help their commutes.

“I’m hopeful that it’s going to have a great outcome and ease the flow of traffic and everything,” Montgomery said. “I’m hopeful it’s not going to take terribly long either.”

DPW plans to have one lane of traffic open in either direction during the project.

Amy, Westfield resident said, “Kinda break it up so you’re not doing such a huge area at a time where it’s going to mess traffic up real bad.”

She said this has been an ongoing problem in this part of town.

“The potholes have always been really bad between 86th Street up here to 96th on both sides most of the year, but there are some big ones that are sporadic south of 86th,” Amy said.