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No one likes Mondays. Tale as old as time, since the first cave man had to wake up at the crack of dawn to move rocks (assuming that’s the first job in existence…)  Mondays tend to become the grim reaper of joy after a perfect weekend of bliss. Well thanks to a new TikTok trend, we can just wave our Monday blues buh-bye and partake in BARE MINIMUM MONDAYS.

The term “Bare Minimum Monday” became popular after Marisa Jo went to TikTok explaining her new form of self-care. The idea behind ‘bare minimum Monday’ is to do simply that, the bare minimum at your job. Instead of stressing about the week ahead, she relieves the work pressure on Mondays by completing the least amount of work necessary to get by that day.”

The trend is being compared ‘quiet quitting’ where employees slowly pull back on their work in order to make room for their personal lives. The difference between the two? One is just on Mondays!

So starting next week, The Hammer and Nigel Show will exclusively play Nickelback on loop 3pm-7pm on Mondays.

(What’s that? You mean we actually have to do our jobs? We just want to be like the cool kids!)