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The Indiana House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday to fund teacher’s firearm training. The bill passed with a vote of 71-24. The bill was predominantly backed by republicans.

The training is entirely voluntary, but it will be funded by the state. Some school districts currently allow teachers to carry guns. There is no training in those counties.

The republicans’ argument for the bill revolves around the increased safety of the schools. The argument of having teachers carry guns in schools, allowing them to protect themselves and their students is a common idea amongst republicans.

Democrats disagree; they believe that having more guns in schools will only increase the issues. There are concerns about students getting ahold of the guns, and harming others with them. It is a common belief amongst democrats that it should be a teacher’s job to teach, and that protection is the school officer’s job.

While the bill for this training is the first step, questions have been raised. According to Tony Katz there is only one question,

“If this training requires the teacher to go through a psychological evaluation and they fail the evaluation do they lose their job too?”