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Greenfield Police Dept. sign

GREENFIELD, Ind. — Police have identified the man who was found dead at a Greenfield construction site Tuesday morning.

Construction workers found a man at their site on Windswept Road around 9 a.m.  When first responders arrived, they pronounced him dead.

Greenfield Police have now identified the man as 44-year-old Dustin Davis.

Investigators think Davis was driving a Land Rover that crashed early Monday morning.  He was found Tuesday, about 600 yards away from the car.  There were footprints going from the Land Rover to where his body was found.

When officers were first called to the scene of that crash, they were not able to find a driver.  Investigators say it would have been impossible to see the body at the time.

It is still not clear what happened, or how Davis got out of the car.  More information could be provided after his autopsy.