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President Biden has selected Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb for a two-year term on the Council of Governors.

This council, established under the Obama Administration in 2010, claims to strengthen the collaboration between state and federal governments on matters related to national security. The council is comprised of ten governors from different states, including Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio, chosen for their ability to represent their respective states and provide input on security matters.

Governor Holcomb’s appointment to the Council of Governors is due to his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indiana and his inclusion on the Council of Governors reflects how the Biden Administration credits his dedication to serving both his state and the country.

The Council of Governors is designed as a platform for cooperation between state and federal governments to address national security concerns. With Governor Holcomb’s appointment, Indiana will now have a representative on the Council of Governors, giving the state a voice in these particular security discussions and allowing its potential needs and concerns are taken into account.