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Police lights and crime scene tape.

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY — A man attacked his family then got into a SWAT standoff Tuesday night in St. Joseph County.

County Police say that they were called to a mobile home on Locust Road – just south of Kern Road – for a man that attacked his mother. 36-year-old Stephen Teacher punched his mother, then pulled the trigger to a handgun twice while pointing it at her chest.

Family members waited outside the home for police, while Teacher, still armed, stayed inside alone. When police officers arrived, the family told them that Teacher suffered from schizophrenia.

Police surround the home and tried, but failed to get Teacher to surrender.

Once a warrant came in around 8:20 p.m., the County-Metro SWAT team began to prepare to enter the home. The SWAT team entered the home and Teacher fled. He jumped out of a window to try to run, but police arrested him.

Police found a loaded handgun on Teacher when he was arrested.

Teacher was sent to jail with preliminary charges of Domestic Battery with a deadly weapon, Intimidation with a deadly weapon, and Resisting and Fleeing Law Enforcement.

A prosecutor will file formal charges after an arraignment hearing next week, and Teacher will have a mental health evaluation at the jail.