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Bad weather, rain, street traffic

CENTRAL INDIANA — This week will feature milder weather with quite a bit of rain, before heading into a colder weekend.

Senior Meteorologist Michael Koch with the National Weather Service Indianapolis says Wednesday and Thursday are likely going to provide the majority of this week’s rain.  He says temps will be warmer, with possible isolated thunderstorms giving the Indianapolis area close to an inch of rain.

Jack Russell Terrier in a yellow raincoat for a walk. The dog stands in the park on the ice against the background of trees. Spring dirty rainy weather

Source: Alexander Pytskiy / Getty

To prepare for this weather, the meteorologist recommends having the proper gear, including boots, a rain jacket, and an umbrella.  And, as it is still an Indiana winter, it is important to keep layers on-hand and in your car, in case of an emergency.

rubber boots in a puddle

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As we head into the weekend, Koch says the weather will shift again, going back to cooler temperatures.  The clouds should decrease Saturday, making way for a sunny Sunday.

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