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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Indiana Republican Congressman Doctor Larry Bucshon says there is too much ideology and not enough reliance on facts and science when it comes to expanding American energy.

On Tuesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee had its first full committee hearing. Bucshon is on that committee.

“My constituents in southwest Indiana need access to reliable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy. All of us want to breath clean air, clean water to drink, and clean land to utilize and enjoy in the future. This, however, should not be at the expense of affordable and reliable energy,” said Bucshon.

Bucshon said he’s been visiting energy stakeholders recently.

“Someone explained the current ideologically driven efforts to replace all of the fossil fuel generation with wind and solar power. They basically told me that this is a battle between politics and science/physics. I think we all know who’s going to win there. We need to start looking at the facts and get away from the ideology,” said Bucshon.

Bucshon says the American taxpayer should not be funding electric vehicle charging stations across the country.

“I support electric vehicles, but we’re doing that because the market won’t bear it,” said Bucshon.

Bucshon asked several witnesses about the investment climate for the energy sector and the role of the federal government in all of that. Many of them discussed concerns they had about China building new power plants in China and across the world.

“Currently there’s about 1,118 coal fired power plants and 225 in the United States. China is not our benchmark. We should be the benchmark driving the global economy,” said Bucshon.

You can watch part of the hearing below.

Dr. Bucshon Discuss American Energy at First Energy and Commerce Hearing in the 118th Congress – YouTube