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Mike Pence speaking at Stanford University

WASHINGTON — When it comes to have classified documents at his Carmel home, he called it an “unfortunate development.”

By now, you know former Indiana governor and Vice-President Mike Pence had classified documents in his home. His representatives found the documents last week and reported it to the National Archives. This is the latest chapter in the book of high-ranking government officials, or former government officials, having classified docs in their personal belongings.

Former President Donald Trump was the first to be busted with classified documents after a raid of his Mar-a-Lago home last year. President Joe Biden criticized Trump for having the documents, only to have his own classified materials discovered at several different locations. Some of the classified documents found with Biden’s belongings date back to his time as a Senator and Vice-President.

“I think it’s important that our office simply cooperate fully in any investigation by either the Department of Justice, the Archives or the Congress of the United States, and we’re determined to do that,” said Pence talking about an investigation into why he had the documents at his Indiana home.

Trump and Biden are also being investigated for having classified documents.